Bishop Matano officially replaces retiring Angell

11/09/05 12:00AM By Lynne McCrea

(Host) Vermont has a new Roman Catholic bishop.

On Wednesday, Pope Benedict the 16th made the transition official. Bishop Salvatore Matano replaces retiring Bishop Kenneth Angell, who led the Burlington Diocese for 13 years.

Angell said he's retiring with the knowledge that Bishop Matano is going to be a great leader for the Diocese.

Matano became co-bishop earlier this year. He said he doesn't foresee any drastic changes to the church in Vermont. He did say his top priority would be in creating a renewed appreciation' among Catholics for attending mass.

(Matano) "It is absolutely essential that every week we participate in the Eucharist - which is the center of the life of the Catholic Church. And which necessitates a constant renewal among our people to be reminded that mass attendance is essential to who we are as Catholics and as Christians."

(Host) Bishop Matano also addressed the issue of reconfiguring Vermont's parishes. He said whatever changes occur should take place gradually.

(Matano) "The underlying theme in all of this will be gradualism'. I don't think it is advisable to have en mass' closings of parishes - at least to me that does not seem like a suitable way to go in Vermont."

(Host) Bishop Kenneth Angell says he's going to split his retirement between his home state of Rhode Island, and Vermont - a state he said he had "grown to love".
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