Lois McClure returns to Burlington

10/20/05 12:00AM By Lynne McCrea

(Host) The Burlington-based canal schooner Lois McClure has come home.

(applause, and cheers)
(crew member) "We're here and we're happy."

(Host) The 1860's replica sailboat is back from a 4-month voyage down Lake Champlain and the Hudson River. The goal of the trip was to highlight the old trade route that cargo freighters traveled a century ago.

Project Director Art Cohn, says 22,000 people visited the Lois McClure as it made stops along the way. He says that's about what he hoped for the project.

There were challenges on the trip, including a very hot summer, and wet fall. Yesterday afternoon, the white wooden boat with green trim stood out against dark skies as it made its way through blustery winds into Burlington.

In spite of the weather, several hundred people were at Perkins Pier to welcome the Lois McClure home, including a patron of the boat, Lois McClure herself.

Art Cohn says the crew will give educational tours of the canal schooner this fall. But the first order of business is to secure the boat before the bad weather that's expected to come as a result of Hurricane Wilma.
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