Book interview: 'Wolf Kahn's America'

12/10/03 12:00AM By Neal Charnoff
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(Neal Charnoff) Brattleboro artist Wolf Kahn has painted some of America's most popular contemporary landscapes. Painting in lyrical oil and pastels, Kahn has said that he has tried to make colors "go further." For over 50 years, Kahn has been making art pilgrimages, traveling the United States in pursuit of locations to capture on canvas, and lecturing extensively.

The new book "Wolf Kahn's America" is a collection of these works, accompanied by text that sheds light on Kahn's life as a creative artist. Wolf Kahn joins us by phone. (To hear the interview, click on the "Listen" icon.)

"Wolf Kahn's America" is published by Abrams Books.
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