Interview: Heart-Side Up by Barbara Dimmick

11/22/03 12:00AM By Neal Charnoff
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(Charnoff) The new novel Heart-Side Up recounts a year in the life of Zoe Miller, a teacher who is attacked by a knife-wielding 18-year-old. Disfigured and anxiety-ridden, Zoe packs her Xanax and moves to Vermont, where she buys an isolated, half-finished house. She is looking to work through her depression, and to be closer to her first true love, who is now a Catholic monk.

But Vermont's harsh climate presents a host of new problems, and the locals place bets on whether this flatlander will survive the winter.

Heart-Side Up is the second novel by Barbara Dimmick. She joins us from our Norwich studios.

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(Charnoff) Barbara Dimmick is the author of "Heart-Side Up", published by Graywolf Press.

She will be reading from "Heart-Side Up" this Sunday at the First Universalist Church in Chester at 2pm.
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