Book interview: Soldier's letters from the Civil War

10/17/03 12:00AM By Neal Charnoff
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(Neal Charnoff) In 1998, author Benson Bobrick discovered a rare find for a historian: an ancestor's letters of the Civil War. Bobrick's great-grandfather Webb Baker was a Union soldier who served for almost the entire war. His letters to friends and family provide a first-hand account of the war's arc, and offer a glimpse of daily life as a soldier.

Webb Baker's letters are the basis for Benson Bobrick's new book "Testament - A Soldier's Story of the Civil War." Benson Bobrick lives in Brattleboro, and joins us from our studio in Norwich. (To hear the interview, click on the "Listen" icon.)

"Testament - A Soldier's Story of the Civil War" is published by Simon and Schuster. Bobrick will be reading from Testament at the Collected Works Bookstore in Brattleboro Friday night at 7:00 p.m.
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