Book interview: 'Mirror Lake' by Thomas Greene

09/11/03 12:00AM By Neal Charnoff
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(Host) Thomas Christopher Greene's debut novel "Mirror Lake" chronicles the unlikely friendship between a young Vermont new-comer and an elderly recluse. When Nathan Carter moves to the small town of Eden, he meets Wallace Fiske, a 79-year-old local outcast.

Fiske begins to tell the story of his marriage, revealing a 50-year-old tragedy. Meanwhile, Carter strikes up his own romance. The two narratives unfold side by side, revealing truths about family, death, loyalty and love. VPR's Neal Charnoff talked to Montpelier author Thomas Greene about "Mirror Lake," and about the attraction Vermont holds for fiction writers.

Note: "Mirror Lake" is published by Simon and Schuster. Greene will be reading at Borders Books and Music in Burlington, Saturday at 1:00 p.m.

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