April 12, 2002 - News at a Glance

04/12/02 12:00AM

No Information from Diocese
Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell came away empty handed this morning from a meeting with the Catholic Diocese of Burlington.

Vermont Yankee Debate
Utility companies contend the sale of Vermont Yankee will benefit Vermont ratepayers and free the utilities from the risks and costs of operating the plant. Opponents say the sale commits the utilities to continue to buy power from Vermont Yankee. They argue the power will be more expensive for ratepayers.

Interview with Janet Milne
Steve Delaney talks with Vermont Law School Professor Janet Milne about environmental taxation. VLS is hosting a conference Friday on how tax policy can compel environmentally sound behavior. (VPR)

Freyne, VPT
A public debate over who can be a panelist on a television news show has come to an end. Vermont Public Television has reversed its decision to remove one of the panelists on its program "Vermont This Week." (VPR)

Two Sheep Infected
The U.S. Department of Agriculture says two sheep from a Vermont flock have tested positive for a family of illnesses that includes mad cow disease. The test results were released more than a year after federal officials destroyed two flocks of sheep out of concern that the animals were infected with the fatal brain disorder. (VPR)

Reverend Sterzbach
Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Douglas says there's no place in Vermont politics for the hate-filled message of the Reverend David Stertzbach. Douglas' Democratic opponent, Doug Racine wonders why it's taken Douglas two years to come to this conclusion. (VPR)

Sheep Testing Continues
It could be two or three more years before the USDA determines whether Vermont sheep destroyed last year had an illness related to Mad Cow Disease. (AP)

School Age Children
The Vermont education commissioner is recommending that school kids have their fifth birthday before entering kindergarten, rather than some time during the school year. (AP)

Vermont Yankee Security
The Dean administration is asking for a huge increase in the budget for security at the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. (AP)

Photo Licenses
Vermont is likely to remain one of the few states that does not require a photo on its drivers' licenses. (AP)

A House committee has voted to declare breast-feeding legal in public places. Now, restaurant patrons, for example, are frequently asked to leave when nursing infants. (AP)

Ben & Jerry's Sweater Factory
Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry's has donated a million dollars to help start a sweater-making plant in California. The donation was made through Cohen's Social Venture Fund from the proceeds of selling the ice cream company. (AP)
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