March 15, 2002 - News at a Glance

03/15/02 12:00AM

Leahy's Committee Votes Down Pickering
Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy and other Democrats on the Judiciary Committee voted to reject one of President Bush's judicial nominees. Leahy is chairman of the Judiciary panel. (VPR)

Medical Marijuana
After nearly five hours of debate, the House Thursday night voted 81 to 53 in support of legislation that allows doctors to prescribe marijuana. (VPR)

Brattleboro Shooting Civil Suit
The lawyer for the slain Brattleboro man's family says the Vermont attorney general is unnecessarily requesting a hold on the family's civil suit. (VPR)

ASC Delists Today
American Skiing Company, which owns the Killington and Mount Snow ski resorts in Vermont, is off the New York Stock Exchange effective today. (VPR)
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