February 28, 2002 - News at a Glance

02/28/02 12:00AM

Wireless in Vermont
On one hand, cell phones provide a valuable service for emergency crews and can save lives. On the other hand, when it comes to personal safety, debate is growing over the effects of radio-frequency radiation. (Read the transcript or listen to the story online.) (VPR)

Dean in Maine
Mainers got a taste of Vermont Governor Howard Dean's stump speech this week at a gathering in Portland, Maine. Dean flew in from Washington D.C. after a tour of Iowa, where he was testing the appeal of his message for a possible presidential run in 2004. (VPR)

UVM Watershed Science
The University of Vermont announced Wednesday the appointment of "Breck" Bowden to the Chair of Watershed Science. Bowden will head a research program on watershed issues in Vermont, such as water quality and land use planning. (VPR)

Springfield Workers
Idle workers met in Springfield Thursday in an effort to revive the area's machine tool industry. The industry has been in decline for years. Recently two long time machine tool plants closed. Now the former employees looking into buying the businesses. (VPR)

Vermont Yankee
The nuclear power plant's Board of Directors has agreed to go ahead with the sale of the nuclear power plant after reviewing a forecast for lower electric power prices in New England. (AP)

Jeffords's Democratic Fundraising
Senator Jim Jeffords got a standing ovation at a Democratic fund-raising dinner last night. His switch from the GOP to Independent status gave control of the Senate to the Democrats. (AP)

In the Vermont Senate both parties agree that the redistricting maps drawn by House Republicans need some changes. But some senators report being threatened with retaliation by the House if they change the House district map. (AP)

School Funding
There may be a fight between Governor Howard Dean and the Legislature over school funding. Dean wants to flat-line the state share, while some lawmakers say it must rise at least at the rate of inflation. (AP)

Vermont's unemployment rate dropped more than half a percentage point last month, in what may be a seasonal anomaly. Unemployment is lowest in Hartford at 2.4% and highest in Newport at 10%. (AP)

Vermonter Wins Grammy
West Rutland native Dan Tymiski has won a Grammy award for his song "I am a Man of Constant Sorrow" on the soundtrack from the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" (AP)

Citibank Lawsuit
Vermont was among the lead states in a lawsuit that was settled by Citibank, the world's largest credit car issuer. The case charged that Citibank sold lists of customer names to telemarketing companies. (AP)

Sixteen Rutland County farmers are seeking federal assistance to find water on their farms, in the wake of a sustained drought. (AP)
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