February 21, 2002 - News at a Glance

02/21/02 12:00AM

Shea Wins Gold
VPR Contributing reporter Beth Schmidt is at the Winter Games, where she is an editor for the Olympics News Service. Beth Schmidt talks with Steve Delaney about Jim Shea's gold medal skeleton run, Bode Miller's giant slalom prospects and the men's ice hockey team.

Police Urge Caution, Common Sense
People who live in Vermont and New Hampshire may be a little more wary of strangers these days. This week, prosecutors said that the Vermont teenagers charged in a brutal murder tried to get into a house by claiming that they needed help. Even before this week's news, police say it was never a good idea to let strangers inside. (VPR)

Jeffords Fundraising for Democrats
Senator James Jeffords says he plans to campaign for some Democratic U.S. Senate candidates this year. Jeffords says he's concerned that a return to GOP control of the Senate will lead to an abuse of power by the Republicans. (VPR)

Armored Car Robbery
Authorities have released a description of the man who robbed an armored car company in Rutland last month and made off with nearly $2 million. (VPR)

Prescription Drug Bill
The Vermont Senate gave its unanimous preliminary approval on Wednesday to legislation that is designed to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. (VPR)

A map of new Vermont House legislative districts has won final approval. And now a committee of the state Senate is scrutinizing the House's work. (VPR)

City Market Opens
Burlington has been without a grocery story for two and a half years, so when the doors to a new downtown market opened on Wednesday it was big event. (VPR)

Food Shelf Donation
The Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf got help yesterday from the Vermont Food Bank. The contribution was prompted by an announcement that food donations were down sharply at the end of 2001. (AP)

Dean Travels to Rhode Island, Iowa
Governor Howard Dean is speaking in Rhode Island today. He was in New Hampshire yesterday, and his undeclared presidential campaign takes him to Iowa tomorrow. (AP)

House Republicans have sent their new redistricting plan to the Senate for review. The Vermont Senate, controlled by Democrats, is expected to find it flawed. (AP)

VPIRG Concerned
The Vermont Public Interest Research Group, which canvasses neighborhoods on environmental questions, says it fears Vermonters might bar their doors to VPIRG survey takers. Police say the Dartmouth murder suspects claimed to be taking an environmental survey when they to gained access to a home where they murdered the residents. (AP)

Trinity to Sell Property
Trinity College in Burlington, which closed for financial reasons two years ago, has won approval from the City of Burlington to sell its 21 acres for other uses. (AP)

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