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12/12/12: Taking Numbers Beyond The Common Denominator

12/12/12 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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The numbers align perfectly today, so it's the ideal time to delve into what's happening in the world of mathematics. We'll hear about orbifolds, phyloogenetics and Math-O-Vision as we discuss practical applications of math.

Middlebury College Associate Professor Emily Proctor discusses the shape of space, Williams College Associate Professor Satyan Devadoss looks at the close personal relationship between math and biology and Dartmouth College Math Department Chair Dan Rockmore tells us about a new math-based competition for high school students.

Also on the program, Vermont has already had 74 fatalities in road collisions and the holiday time means a lot more people on the road. Vermont State Police Lieutenant John Flannigan, the commander of traffic safety, discusses why we've seen so many traffic accidents and what the state police are doing to lower the number of fatalities.

And we head out to a local tree farm to pick the perfect Christmas Tree for the holidays ahead.


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