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Roses and Waltzes and Sisters

12/02/12 7:00PM

Songs about December roses, all sorts of waltzes, a short trip to Serbia, and a set of mellifluous sister groups!



The Faded Roses Of December
Artist Name: Finest Kind
CD/Album: Lost In A Song
Record co./Cat #: Fallen Angle 2


Rhosyn Wyn
Artist Name: June Tabor
CD/Album: Rosa Mundi
Record co./Cat #: Green Linnet 3139


Belle Je M'en Vais En Allemagne
Artist Name: Pierre Bensusan
CD/Album: 2
Record co./Cat #: Rounder 3037


Sept Marins
Artist Name: Whirling Pope Joan
CD/Album: Spin
Record co./Cat #: Panic ATC 20294


Hanter Drou
Artist Name: Grandjean & Lemou
CD/Album: Accordeon Diatonique
Record co./Cat #: Disker 927


Lights Of Spartanburg
Artist Name: Mary McCaslin
CD/Album: Better Late Then Never
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 12/5 - 8 PM - Casa Popolo, Bellows Falls, Vt 12/7 - Good Times Café, Hinesburg, Vt 12/9 - Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY


Shelter Valley Blues
Artist Name: Rick Shea
CD/Album: Shelter Valley Blues
Record co./Cat #: The Pescadores 8
Note: 12/5 - 8 PM - Casa Popolo, Bellows Falls, Vt 12/7 - Plasant Valley Brewing Co, Saxtons River, Vt 12/9 - Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY


That's What I'll Do
Artist Name: John Gillette & Sarah Mittlefehldt
CD/Album: Old Field Pines
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 12/4 - Taps Tavern, Poultney, Vt


On Squirrel Hill
Artist Name: Ian Matthews
CD/Album: Walking A Changing Line
Record co./Cat #: Windham Hill 1070


Love Is A Hard Waltz
Artist Name: Nanci Griffith
CD/Album: Once In A Very Blue Moon
Record co./Cat #: Rounder 1096


Waltzing's For Dreamers
Artist Name: Richard Thompson
CD/Album: Folk Scene
Record co./Cat #: Red House 109


In The Pines
Artist Name: Katie Trautz & The Tall Boys
CD/Album: Katie Trautz & The Tall Boys
Record co./Cat #: Last Kind Word 2011
Note: 12/9 - 9:30 PM - Black Door, Montpelier, Vt


Rain And Snow
Artist Name: Elizabeth LaPrelle
CD/Album: Rain And Snow
Record co./Cat #: Old 97 4


Silver Dagger
Artist Name: Gillian Welch
CD/Album: The Harrow & The Harvest
Record co./Cat #: Acony 1109


Hungrytown Road
Artist Name: Hungrytown
CD/Album: Hungrytown
Record co./Cat #: Listen Here 501
Note: 12/8 - 7 PM - NorthWoods Coffeehouse, East Charleston, Vt


Ralph's Watch
Artist Name: Dick & Judy Hyman
CD/Album: Last Last Summer
Record co./Cat #: Left Ear 2012


Oh, Mary Don't You Weep
Artist Name: Bluegrass Gospel Project
CD/Album: Shine
Record co./Cat #: Vital 2012
Note: 12/8 - 7:30 PM - Vergennes Opera House, Vergennes, Vt


The Open Road
Artist Name: The Modern Grass Quintet
CD/Album: The Modern Grass Quintet
Record co./Cat #: MGQ 2012
Note: 12/7 - 7:30 PM - Palmer Street Coffeehouse, Platsburgh, NY


Back Hill Country Town
Artist Name: The Michele Fay Band
CD/Album: Endless Sky
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 12/8 - 7:30 PM - Burnham Hall, Lincoln, Vt


Beyoglunda Gezersin
Artist Name: Shtreiml
CD/Album: Fenci's Blues
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced


Duj, Duj
Artist Name: Saban Bajramovic
CD/Album: Gypsy Music
Record co./Cat #: ARC 2221


Linda, Linda
Artist Name: 3 Mustaphas 3
CD/Album: Friends, Fiends & Fronds
Record co./Cat #: Omnium 2003


Matt Highland
Artist Name: Archie Fisher
CD/Album: Archie Fisher
Record co./Cat #: Celtic Music 7


Y Bachan Main
Artist Name: Julie Murphy & Dylan Fowler
CD/Album: Ffawd
Record co./Cat #: Fflach 258


John Of Dreams
Artist Name: Mick Moloney
CD/Album: Mick Moloney
Record co./Cat #: Green Linnet 1010


Into This Night
Artist Name: Patti Casey
CD/Album: Holiday Blend 2008
Record co./Cat #: Woods Tea Co 5
Note: 12/5 - 12/9 - Flynn Space, Burlingtpn, Vt


Over The Hill And Over The Dale
Artist Name: Nowell Sing We Clear
CD/Album: Nowell Sing We Clear
Record co./Cat #: Front Hall 39
Note: 12/8 - 3 PM - St John's Lutheran Church, Altamont, NY


My Lagan Love
Artist Name: Full Circle
CD/Album: Full Circle
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 12/8 - 1 PM - Phoenix Books, Burlington, Vt


Last Kind Words
Artist Name: JD Hobson Band
CD/Album: Where The Sun Don't Shine
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced


Out On The Rollin' Sea
Artist Name: Catfish Keith
CD/Album: A True Friend Is Hard To Find
Record co./Cat #: Fishtail 12


Kathy's Song
Artist Name: Simon & Garfunkel
CD/Album: Sounds Of Silence
Record co./Cat #: Columbia 9269


So Long Marianne
Artist Name: Leonard Cohen
CD/Album: The Best Of
Record co./Cat #: Columbia 34077


Sad Lisa
Artist Name: Cat Stevens
CD/Album: Tea For The Tillerman
Record co./Cat #: Island 352


Artist Name: Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats
CD/Album: All In Stride
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 12/7 - 7 PM - River Arts Center, Morrisville, Vt


Turn To You
Artist Name: Bob Murray & Jeremiah McLane
CD/Album: O Boss Man
Record co./Cat #: North Of Eden 2010
Note: 12/9 - 2 PM - Red Hen Café, Middlesex, Vt


Little Rose
Artist Name: Patrick Fitzsimmons
CD/Album: Hope Is
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 12/7 - 7:30 PM - Concert Hall, Cadyville, Ny


Ouvrez La Porte
Artist Name: Giles Chabenat & Frederic Paris
CD/Album: De L'eau Et Des Amandes
Record co./Cat #: Silex 225060


Runs In The Family
Artist Name: The Roches
CD/Album: The Roches
Record co./Cat #: Warner 3298


Rake & Rambling Boy
Artist Name: The Kossoy Sisters
CD/Album: Hop On Pretty Girls
Record co./Cat #: Living Folk 101


My Town
Artist Name: Kate & Anna McGarrigle
CD/Album: Tell My Sister
Record co./Cat #: Nonesuch 527267


La Rose Jaune
Artist Name: Cedric Watson
CD/Album: Le Soleil Est Leve
Record co./Cat #: Lache Pas 33128


Crucked Reels
Artist Name: Uiscedwr
CD/Album: Fish Cat Door
Record co./Cat #: Yukka 4


Jiggery Pokerwork
Artist Name: John Spiers & Jon Boden
CD/Album: Bellow
Record co./Cat #: Fellside 175


Mazurkas De Clair
Artist Name: Etienne Grandjean & Pierrick Lemon
CD/Album: Accordeon Diatonique
Record co./Cat #: Disker 977


Tunteellinen Valssi
Artist Name: Myllarit
CD/Album: In The Light Of The White Night
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
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