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Educating People About Obesity

11/27/12 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP/Toby Talbot
National statistics show that Vermont is dropping from its perch near the top of national rankings of the least obese states. In 1995, 13.4 percent of Vermonters were considered obese. By 2011, the figure was 23.5 percent.
More people are overweight and unhealthy in this country every year- and Vermont is no exception. Being overweight can contribute to health problems including diabetes. Yet people who are overweight often experience prejudice and stigma in this society. Our guests include Deputy Commissioner of Public Health Tracy Dolan; Naomi Fukagowa, professor at the UVM College of Medicine.

How can we educate about obesity, diet and nutrition without shaming or marginalizing people who are overweight? Have you ever been overweight? What sort of messages work for you when thinking about your weight and your health? Have you ever been discriminated against because of your weight?


Tell us your story. Post your comments below or write to vermontedition@vpr.net


Also in the program, e-Vermont has wrapped up its work on a program to help bridge the "digital divide" in Vermont.  We look at some of the initiatives that helped people in rural towns improve online access, services and digital literacy. We talk with Paul Costello and Helen Labun Jordan about the results, discussed in e-Vermont's final report.


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