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Professor Pundits Ponder Results

11/09/12 12:00PM By Bob Kinzel
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Middlebury College Political Science Professors Bert Johnson and Matt Dickinson.
Once again, Vermont was the first state that was declared as a victory for President Obama when he was re-elected Tuesday. In addition, Vermont gave the President one his most lopsided victories, second only to Hawaii.

Middlebury College political science professors Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson - known as the Professor Pundits - discuss some of the key factors in the presidential race, the future of the Electoral College and the influence of money on our political system.







Professor Pundits: Victory... for political scientists

It's all about the data. Wrapping up their year-long series of commentaries about the presidential election, Middlebury's Professor Pundits Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson note that scientific forecasting models really do work to predict election results. Hear what the pundits have to say in their final commentary on the 2012 election.



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