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Art Hounds: Going to Waterbury

10/25/12 4:55PM
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Thatcher Brook School's art teacher, MK Monley In Waterbury, Vermont, called the VPR Art Hounds hotline to recommend an event put together by Representative Tom Stevens.

Local artists' works will be on display in the Vermont State Hospital, damaged and rendered unusable by Tropical Storm Irene.

As a "farewell" to the building itself and in an attempt to erase the stigma attached to the phrase, "Going to Waterbury," the event of the same name will be open for public viewing this weekend.

Sunday will feature a 2 p.m. moment of silence and at 7 p.m., there will be a closure ceremony at St. Andrew’s Church with music by ME2/Orchestra.

Doug Frank called the hotline about In-Sight Photography's auction to benefit classes for budding teen shutterbugs in the Brattleboro region.

The exhibit and auction will be held at Vermont Center for Photography on Flat Street in Brattleboro.

Karen Maxon of Essex raved about the two-piano concert on Saturday, "176 Keys," with Michael Arnowitt and Tom Cleary. These musicians are two of Vermont's most acclaimed jazz pianists and will perform at Bethany Church in Montpelier.

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To become an Art Hound for VPR, fill out the form, then call the Art Hounds Hotline at (802) 778-9585 to record your recommendation.


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