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Art Hounds: Painted & Drawn

10/18/12 4:22PM
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Artist Peggy Kannenstine suggested an exhibit by Vermont painter, Paedra Peter Bramhall. The works, on display now at Maison Kasini in Montreal, Quebec, touch on some potentially uncomfortable themes.
From Bramhall's exhibit page: "There is a place for beautiful, soothing art. There is a place for art which jogs the mind of the viewer and produces questions and questioning."
Charles Wood from Montpelier recommended Joshua Sevits' exhibit of large oil paintings, called, "Lightning Strikes" at Local 64.
Wood said he's excited about young artists getting a foothold in the region's art scene.
Shelly Jarvis, an artist from Windsor, suggested, "The Gift of Mountains Walking," at Hartland Public Library.
Rosalyn Graham from Shelburne called the VPR Art Hounds hotline to rave about the various works gathered each year for last 25 years at Shelburne Farms for, "Art at the Coach Barn."

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To become an Art Hound for VPR, fill out the form, then call the Art Hounds Hotline at (802) 778-9585 to record your recommendation.

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