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School Lunches Get A Makeover

09/26/12 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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VPR/Ric Cengeri
The Farmers Market Salad Bar at Richmond Elementary School.
Students returning to school this fall noticed one big change: what they were being served for lunch in the cafeteria has been altered significantly. New guidelines for the National School Lunch Program call for more vegetables, fruits and whole grains in an effort to reduce obesity and diabetes. It's a great idea in theory, but some students and their parents are not pleased with the size of lunches and the choices being offered.

Laurie Colgan, Director of Child Nutrition for the Department of Education and Washington West Supervisory Union Superintendent Brigid Scheffert discuss how the new guidelines are being implemented and greeted in the state's school cafeterias.

Also on the program, singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell is about to embark on her Vermont Barnstorming Tour. She stops in the VPR Performance Studio to sing several songs from here latest release, "Young Man in America."


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