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The Art of The Argument: Winning Political Debates

09/12/12 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP Photo/Kyle Ericson
Washington University student, Megan Chan, right, a junior from Chicago, Ill., takes photos of students as they watch a large screen that will show the Vice Presidential Debate on the campus of Washington University on Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008, in St. Louis

Political debate season is underway. Mitt Romney spent a good part of last week in Vermont preparing for his series of debates with President Barack Obama. And VPR's own debate series begins Wednesday with the major party candidates for governor. We'll talk to Alfred Snider, UVM professor and director of the World Debate Institute, about what makes for a good debate, and how voters can sift through the rhetoric to make an informed decision.

Also on the program, we visit a goat farm that's trying to expand its operation into caramel. And we look at a club for collectors in the Upper Valley.

VPR Debate Series: Gubernatorial Candidates To Meet In First Debate

Set your reminders and mark your calendar and tune-in for the VPR gubernatorial debate tonight from 7-8:30 p.m.


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