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Ready Or Not: Emergency Preparedness After Irene

09/10/12 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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A sign shows the location of a shelter in Bethel. The Red Cross is helping towns get equipped to run shelters, should the town be cut off from outside resources for a period of time.
Experts in emergency preparedness want towns and individuals to be ready for worst-case scenarios - and that's not far-fetched after last year's storms. The Red Cross is launching a program to provide training and supplies that would allow towns to be self-sufficient, should access be cut off to the outside. We look at that program, and discuss why some people drag their feet when it comes to emergency planning. Our guests are Larry Crist, regional executive director of the Red Cross of Vermont and New Hampshire Valley, and with Ross Nagy, deputy director of Vermont Emergency Management.





Photo: Courtesy National Weather Service
Also in the program, a look at the upgraded Doppler radar technology at the National Weather Service forecast service in Burlington. Jane Lindholm visits the forecast operations floor to talk with Meteorologist-in-Charge Andy Nash.

And the rodeo season in Castleton has just concluded this month. We visited Pond Hill Ranch earlier this summer for a night of calf roping, bucking horse riding, barrel racing and bull riding.




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