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Young Writers Project: 2035

09/10/12 6:00AM
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Lexie Shaw of Westford, who is entering 9th grade, is the third and final prize-winning writer in the writing challenge about the future of Vermont. The contest, which asked writers to describe Chittenden County in the year 2035, was co-sponsored by Young Writers Project and the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission. Of writing, Lexie says, “I like to see a prompt, picture or just have a thought and write about it…I write because I want to, not because I have to.”

By Lexie Shaw

In the year 2035
If any of us are still alive
Mayan calendar so contrived
That no one would survive
Our current year of 2012
Later it will be on history shelves
So into our future I'm going to delve
In and of itself
Over the next 23 years
We overcome many of our fears
With a lot of hard work and repairs
A place so much better for all of our heirs
Our county has made many changes
Some were unavoidable alterations
Like solar-powered stove ranges
And better wireless communications
From the traffic problem at the Five Corners
And more energy efficient living quarters
To educating an influx of even more foreigners
Who came in from every border
Because of true equal opportunity
We've built even stronger communities
All our efforts to recycle weren't a waste
New items are made and old replaced
Cars no longer use gasoline
And our air quality is purer and clean
We have set a standard to be highly proficient
Instead of doing nothing and being insufficient
We ended hunger and starvation
And even water fluoridation
So much more socially connected
It's amazing who got elected
How did that happen, who was confused?
But overall, things have greatly improved


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