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What Polling Tells Us About Elections

08/29/12 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP/Toby Talbot
Voters in Calais use benches to complete their ballots while others wait in line to vote.


In the run up to elections, polling information in Vermont has always been in short supply. And almost always was conducted by out-of-state polling organizations. Last fall, the Castleton Polling Institute was created to conduct polling and public opinion measurement as well as research for policy analysis, marketing ventures and customer service.

The Institute’s Director Rich Clark discusses the findings of the recent Vermont Election Update poll and how they compare to Tuesday’s outcome. We also hear how polls are conducted, how bias is minimized and what can be learned from the poll.

Also on the program, VPR's Steve Zind talks with Green Mountain Club Executive Director Will Wiquist about this summer's hiking season and the challenges facing the club in the future.

And we return to Summer School for an encore lesson on auctioneering.


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