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How Irene Inspired The Arts

08/27/12 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Stan Hynds
A display of Irene-inspired books at Northshire Bookstore in Manchester.

A year after Irene, a body of creative work is beginning to emerge.  Musicians have been inspired by the storm to sing defiant and hopeful songs about resilience.  Poets have put pen to paper, writing about the power of water and the devastation of the storm. And documentarians have picked up cameras and captured the faces, voices, and emotions of people who have struggled to rebuild in the last 12 months.

Vermont Edition looks at the books, music, and movies that have been inspired by Tropical Storm Irene.  Alex Aldrich, Executive Director of the Vermont Arts Council and Peter Gilbert, Executive Director of the Vermont Humanities Council, help us sort through why natural disasters can foster such creativity and what we all gain by watching, reading, and learning about the storm and those who experienced it.

We also hear from Stan Hynds, a bookbuyer at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, about why customers in his region are eager to have a record of the storm.  And from Nicholas Clifford, author of "The Troubled Roar of the Waters: Vermont in Flood and Recovery, 1927-1931." Clifford offers the perspective of time, and why today's Irene commentaries and documents are not yet the historical record, but the raw materials that historians will use generations from now to create a complete picture of the storm's effect on Vermont.

Post your favorite Irene-inspired books, songs or documentaries here or email them to vermontedition@vpr.net

Help the Vermont Arts Council document all of the artwork projects inspired by Irene. Click here to email the event, where and when it was held and how much was raised.  

Also in the program, VPR's Ross Sneyd joins us to recall the events that unfolded a year ago and update us on the issues that were unfolding on our airwaves in the days after the storm.


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