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It's a Whole New World!

08/26/12 7:00PM

Lots to preview at the 20th annual New World Festival in Randolph next weekend, some lovely dance music, high and lonely mountain music, and much more!



By The Waters Of Babylon
Artist Name: Peter & Mary Alice Amidon
Ensemble: Hymns & Ballads
CD/Album: Hymns & Ballads
Record co./Cat #: Ammus 902


The Harder They Come
Artist Name: Jimmy Cliff
CD/Album: The Harder They Come
Record co./Cat #: Island 61582


Johnny Too Bad
Artist Name: Taj Mahal
CD/Album: The Essential
Record co./Cat #: Legacy 94967


Artist Name: Hot Tuna
CD/Album: The Best Of
Record co./Cat #: RCA 67692


Rivers Of Babylon
Artist Name: The Melodians
CD/Album: The Harder They Come
Record co./Cat #: Island 61582


The Two Magicians
Artist Name: John Roberts & Tony Barrand
CD/Album: Dark Ships In The Forest
Record co./Cat #: Folk Legacy 65
Note: 9/1 - 7 PM - New England Youth Theater, Brattleboro, Vt 9/2 - New World Festival, Randolph, Vt


Les Beaux Jeux Bleus
Artist Name: Dent-De-Lion
CD/Album: Les Beaux Jeux Bleus
Record co./Cat #: Minut 795
Note: 9/2 - New World Festival, Randolph, Vt


Mouth Music
Artist Name: Norman Kennedy
CD/Album: Ballads & Songs Of Scotland
Record co./Cat #: Folk Legacy 34
Note: 9/2 - New World Festival, Randolph, Vt


Down Side
Artist Name: Blowzabella
CD/Album: Vanilla
Record co./Cat #: Green Linnet 3050


When I Was In My Prime
Artist Name: Pentangle
CD/Album: Cruel Sister
Record co./Cat #: Castle 206


Singing The Travels
Artist Name: Silly Sisters
CD/Album: Silly Sisters
Record co./Cat #: Shanachie 79040


Dream In Blue
Artist Name: The Stray Birds
CD/Album: The Stray Birds
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 9/1 - 7:30 PM - Ripton Community Coffee House, Ripton, Vt


Bluemont Waltz
Artist Name: Rodney Miller
CD/Album: Airplang ll
Record co./Cat #: Great Meadow 2001
Note: 9/1 - 8 PM - Town House, Peterborough, NH


The Hope Jig
Artist Name: Sarah Blair
CD/Album: Flower Of The Red Mill
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 9/2 - New World Festival, Randolph, Vt


A Bhean Ud Thios
Artist Name: Nuala Kennedy
CD/Album: The New Shoes
Record co./Cat #: Compass 744522
Note: 9/2 - New World Festival, Randolph, Vt


La Turlutte Du Rotoculteur
Artist Name: De Temps Antan
CD/Album: Les Habits De Papier
Record co./Cat #: Lab 1982
Note: 9/2 - New World Festival, Randolph, Vt


Fox On The Run
Artist Name: Emerson & Waldron
CD/Album: Apalachian Stomp
Record co./Cat #: Rhino 75720


Walk On Boy
Artist Name: Doc & Merle Watson
CD/Album: Two Days In November
Record co./Cat #: Sugar Hill 2205


Fire On The Mountain
Artist Name: Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys
CD/Album: Live Recordings
Record co./Cat #: Smithsonian Folkways 40063


A Date With An Angel
Artist Name: Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
CD/Album: My Heart Is Yours
Record co./Cat #: Sugar Hill 3782


La Mujer De Antonio
Artist Name: Septeto Luz
CD/Album: Son De Santiago
Record co./Cat #: Corason 132


El Siquisiri
Artist Name: Los Cenzontles
CD/Album: Raza De Oro
Record co./Cat #: enzontles 17


Bailando Con Los Farias
Artist Name: Los Hemanos Farais
CD/Album: Polkas De Oro
Record co./Cat #: Rounder 6051


Last Thing On My Mind
Artist Name: McBride, Lussen & Wooden
CD/Album: Full Circle
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 8/30 - 6 PM - NECI, Montpelier, Vt


Billy Gray
Artist Name: Woodchucks' Revenge
CD/Album: Fill One Room
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 9/1 - 4 PM - Otter Valley Winery, Brandon, Vt


Toman Teti M'Ba Akala
Artist Name: Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars
CD/Album: Radio Salone
Record co./Cat #: Cumbancha 23
Note: 9/1 - 7 PM - Haybarn Theater, Goddard College, Plainfield, Vt


You Lie
Artist Name: Dr. John
CD/Album: Locked Down
Record co./Cat #: Nonesuch 79623


Sweet Is The Melody
Artist Name: Iris DeMent
CD/Album: My Life
Record co./Cat #: Warner 45493


My Remembrance Of You
Artist Name: Diana Jones
CD/Album: My Remembrance Of You
Record co./Cat #: Newsong 501


Good Till Now
Artist Name: Gillian Welch
CD/Album: Hell Among The Yearlings
Record co./Cat #: Almo 80021


Country Blues
Artist Name: Dock Boggs
CD/Album: His Folkways Years
Record co./Cat #: Smithsonian Folkways 40108


High On A Mountain
Artist Name: Ola Belle Reed
CD/Album: Classic Mountain Songs
Record co./Cat #: Smithsonian Folkways 40094


Let The Bulgine Run
Artist Name: John Roberts
CD/Album: Sea Feaver
Record co./Cat #: Golden Hind 108
Note: 9/1 - 7 PM - Brattleboro New England Youth Theater, Brattleborro, Vt


Barbara Allan
Artist Name: Tony Barrand & Keith Murphy
CD/Album: On The Banks Of Coldbrook
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 9/2 - New World Festival, Randolph, Vt


Hares On The Mountain
Artist Name: Chris Wood
CD/Album: Albion
Record co./Cat #: Navigator 29


Battle Creek
Artist Name: Bobtown
CD/Album: Trouble I Wrought
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced


Where The Nails Were Thrown
Artist Name: Patti Casey
CD/Album: The Edge Of Grace
Record co./Cat #: Long Shot 4


Rock Salt & Nails
Artist Name: Susie Burke & David Surette
CD/Album: Sometimes In The Evening
Record co./Cat #: Madrina 103


The Tempest
Artist Name: The Clayfoot Strutters
CD/Album: Going Elsewhere
Record co./Cat #: Epact 106
Note: 9/2 - New World Festival, Randolph, Vt


Calle Cespedes
Artist Name: Elixir
CD/Album: Rampant
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 9/2 - New World Festival, Randolph, Vt


Waltz At The End Of The World
Artist Name: Rachel Clark & Bob DeMarco
CD/Album: Demo
Record co./Cat #: Self-Produced
Note: 9/2 - New World Festival, Randolph, Vt
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