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Where Irene Relief Funding Stands

08/20/12 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP/Toby Talbot
Volunteers Tony Lamb, left, and Ted Marcy work on a home in Moretown that had been damaged by Tropical Storm Irene.
The anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene is just over a week away and many Vermonters are still awaiting funds to rebuild their homes or farms and to return their lives to some form of normalcy.

Stuart Comstock-Gay of the Vermont Community Foundation and David Coates of the Vermont Long Term Disaster Recovery Group update us on how much money has been raised, how money has been distributed and  what work is left to be done.

Also on the program, ultrarunner Nikki Kimball is a Vermont native currently living in Bozeman, Montana. She left North Troy on Monday in an attempt to break both the male and female records for completing the Long Trail in just four-and-a-half days. We check in with Kimball to see how she did and what challenges she faced.


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