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Bennington Battle Stories And History

08/16/12 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP/Alan Solomon
The Bennington Battle Monument was completed in 1889.


Sarah Rudd lived in Bennington in 1777. Her husband fought in the Battle of Bennington, and she escaped carrying her four young children on horseback. Hers is one of the stories that historian Michael Gabriel researched for his book “Battle of Bennington: Soldiers and Civilians.” We talk with Gabriel about the history of that Revolutionary War battle, how it changed the momentum of the war, and the impact it had on the people who lived through it.

Also in the program, the annual meeting fo the Eastern Apicultural Society is in Vermont this year. We talk with Bill Mares about what beekeepers are learning and sharing at the conference in Burlington.


And the bluegrass music of Bob Amos. He moved to St. Johnsbury in 2005 after the death of a bandmate to take a break from music. VPR's Matt Bushlow tells reports that Amos is back performing and recording, with the recent album "Borrowed Time."


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