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Young Writers Project: The Petal of Youth

08/20/12 5:00AM
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Elijah Cory, a senior at Champlain Valley Union High School and a summer intern at Young Writers Project, says he wrote this pantoum (a form of poetry with repeating lines) while thinking about “the fleeting and conflicting natures of youth and beauty.”

The Petal of Youth
By Elijah Cory
Champlain Valley Union High School, Grade 12

The petal of youth
Whispers a silent melody.
She blooms in the dead of night,
Alone, surrounded by echoes.
Whispers a silent melody,
Deception and confession.
Alone, surrounded by echoes
Of unspoken dreams.
Deception and confession,
Fanned by the guilt
Of unspoken dreams,
Held in the moon's gaze.
The petal of youth,
She blooms in the dead of night.


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