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Staycations: Explore Out Your Back Door

08/06/12 12:00PM By Steve Zind
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VPR/Ric Cengeri
One of Vermont's few remaining picturesque round barns.

Within Vermont you’ve got the Green Mountains, copious lakes and 251 cities and towns to wander through. In bordering states, there are the Berkshires, Adirondacks and the White Mountains. And to the north, the Eastern Townships and Montreal await. In a time of higher gas prices and the lingering effects of the Great Recession, localized vacations or staycations remain popular.

Travel writer Rachel Carter provides ideas of great spots nearby, author Bethany Dunbar touts the enjoyment of touring the culinary offerings of the Northeast Kingdom and 251 Club of Vermont President Sandy Levesque explains why people set out on the quest to visit all of Vermont’s cities and towns.

Also in the program, the Burlington Police Department's response to protestors last weekend is still under scrutiny. The Vermont Community Law Center has requested information from police on the actions they took against protesters at the conference of northeastern governors and eastern Canadian premiers. We talk with Jared Carter, managing attorney at the Vermont Community Law Center, about concerns that police action was disproportionate to the circumstances, and that the incident may have a chilling effect on public protest in the future.


VPR/Ric Cengeri
Salisbury Station Covered Bridge



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