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Art Hounds: Falling Overnight

08/09/12 4:55PM
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Wendy Copp from South Burlington recommends the film, "Falling Overnight," written by and starring Parker Croft from Shelburne, Vermont.

The film will show at Merrill's Roxy in downtown Burlington through August 14th. Click below to view the trailer.

This week, Annesa Hartman of Saxton's River raves about performer, Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra.

She says Lipton mashes up lyrics to create a funny take on the serious subject of unemployment in his show, "No Place To Go."

Find out more at www.mainstreetarts.org or at brattleborotix.com

And Tony Lalli, a musician from Cabot, called the VPR Art Hounds hotline to invite you to join a weekly jam session or be part of the audience at Bagito's on Main Street in Montpelier. 

Listen to past Art Hounds episodes here.

To become an Art Hound for VPR, fill out the form, then call the Art Hounds Hotline at (802) 778-9585 to record your recommendation.

Art Hounds on VPR is adopted from Minnesota Public Radio News and is powered by the Public Insight Network. Original music was written and performed by Dave Keller.









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