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Electronic Waste: New Products, Old Problem

08/01/12 12:00PM By Steve Zind
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AP/Michael Conroy
Circuit boards fill a bin at a recycling center.

Think back to the number of cell phones you’ve gone through over the last 10 years or so. That’s just a tiny fraction of the electronic waste Vermonters throw out each year. The state has just concluded its first year of an electronics recycling program, and diverted 4.8 million pounds of electronic waste from landfills into a recycling program. Vermont's e-cycling relies on product manufacturers to fund the program, which begs the question: what role do consumers have in reducing electronic waste? We talk with Norm Staunton, state program director of Vermont E-Cycles, and Colin Davis of Good Point Recyling, the company that is contracted to process Vermont's recyclable electronics.

Also in the program, the work that Common Cause of Vermont is doing to get campaign finance information in the hands of voters. The group is providing a searchable database of campaign finance donations made to Vermont candidates, and Executive Director Wally Roberts is pushing for the Secretary of State's office to take up this service.

And we continue our lessons in Summer School. This week, paddle boarding. We get a lesson in standup paddling from Jason Starr at Paddlesurf Champlain, and it's easier than it looks!


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