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Accessibility: Higher Education’s 21st-Century Challenge

07/23/12 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Courtesy of Castleton State College
Woodruff Hall at Castleton State College.

It's been 150 years since the Morrill Act became law and created land-grant colleges in this country. The vision of Vermont Senator Justin Morrill was important in creating greater access to education. But with rising tuitions and fees at colleges and universities and in a slumping job market, is Morrill's grand plan dying? And what will it take to rekindle his vision?

Vermont State Colleges Chancellor Tim Donovan looks at the hurdles blocking access to higher education and assesses what the Vermont State Colleges are doing to address these challenges.

Also in the program, we visit the mad mad world of youth sports. Tom Piper is the father of two boys and has coached so many of their teams he says he lost count at 20. He's just written a guidebook for other sports dads who find themselves feeling more competitive about their children's nascent sports careers than they ever felt about their own. It's called "It's Just A Game: Dad's Youth Sports Playbook." Piper offered tips and tricks and a dose of good humor when he sat down with host Jane Lindholm.

And we reach into our mailbag and read some of your comments.


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