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Tiny Houses, Big Statement

07/18/12 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP/Ben Margot
Jay Shafer, owner of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, exits a tiny house he built for himself. Many tiny houses are smaller than most people's living rooms.

Tiny houses are springing up around the country. Small homes, usually under 300 square feet, often mobile. They've also been called economical, environmentally friendly, sustainable and cute. We talk to Lina Menard, who designs and builds tiny houses, and currently lives in one herself, and Jose Galarza, director of Semester Programs at Yestermorrow Design/Build School, about designing, building and living in tiny houses.

VPR/Tim Johnson
Chamberlin warms up in the VPR Colchester studio prior to their live performance on VT Edition.
Also on the program, a live performance from the indie rock band Chamberlin, local musicians who've been attracting praise in Vermont and beyond. They'll play songs from their album "Bitter Blood," and their upcoming EP to be released next month.


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