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Advancements In DNA Analysis Impacting Cases New And Old

07/11/12 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Sarah Hunter, who was murdered in 1986. Vermont State Police investigators are now charging 52-year-old David Allan Morrison, who is in prison in California, with Hunter's murder.
The 1986 murder of Sarah Hunter has been back in the headlines lately, with the news that police have found a DNA link between Hunter and a longtime suspect in her murder. We get an update on the developments in the Hunter case from Bennington Banner reporter Dawson Raspuzzi. And we talk to Peg Schwartz, the director of the Vermont Forensics Laboratory, and David Sleigh, a prominent defense attorney in the state, about how DNA analysis has evolved in recent years, and how new technologies and capabilities are impacting investigations, and helping solve cold cases.


Also in the program, a Vermont dragonboat team has returned from the world championships in Hon Kong with a gold and silver medal. We talk with Dragonheart Vermont's Executive Director Linda Dyer about the team's success on and off the water.


And in our weekly trip to Summer School, we visit the Petra Cliffs rock gym in Burlington to learn the basics of indoor rock climbing.


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