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VPR's Summer Membership Drive - Jazz

06/22/12 9:00PM By George Thomas

It's VPR's Summer Membership Drive and we look for your financial support for Jazz and all the programming you enjoy. Please decide what VPR means to you, how often you listen and then call 1-800-639-9206 or go to VPR.net and make a pledge of support. And thanks.



Artist Name: The Modern Jazz Quartet
Composer: Gershwin-Gershwin-Heyward
Soloists: Milt Jackson-Vibes ; John Lewis-Piano
CD/Album: Plays George Gershwin's Porgy And Bess
Record co./Cat #: Atlantic 1440
Release Year: 1964


Ice Cream
Artist Name: George Lewis
Composer: Johnson, Moll, King
Soloists: George Lewis-Clarinet
CD/Album: Jazz Funeral In New Orleans
Record co./Cat #: Tradition 1049
Release Year: 1953


Your Mind Is On Vacation
Artist Name: Mose Allison
Composer: Mose Allison
Soloists: Mose Allison-Piano, Vocals
CD/Album: I Don't Worry About A Thing
Record co./Cat #: Atlantic 1389
Release Year: 1962


Things To Pray To In Vermont / (If I Had You)
Artist Name: PoJazz
Composer: Tony Whedon / Ted Shapiro, Jimmy Campbell, Reginald Connelly
Soloists: Tony Whedon-Vocals, Trombone
CD/Album: Last Days - Live At The Black Door
Record co./Cat #: PoJazz


I Found A New Baby
Artist Name: Aurora Nealand & The Royal Roses
Composer: J. Palmer, S. Williams
Soloists: Aurora Nealand-Soprano Sax, Vocals ; Tom McDermott-Piano
CD/Album: A Tribute To Sidney Bechet
Record co./Cat #: www.auroranealand.com
Release Year: 2011


Going Back To New Orleans
Artist Name: Joe Liggins & The Honeydrippers
Composer: E. Walsh
CD/Album: Joe Liggins & The Honeydrippers
Record co./Cat #: Specialty 7006
Release Year: 1950


Heebie Jeebies
Artist Name: The Boswell Sisters
Composer: Atkins
CD/Album: The Boswell Sisters Collection
Record co./Cat #: Nostalgia 3008
Release Year: 1930


Kitchen Man
Artist Name: Tuba Skinny
Soloists: Erika-Vocals
CD/Album: Tuba Skinny
Record co./Cat #: www.tubaskinny.tk


Too Darn Hot
Artist Name: Stacey Kent
Composer: Cole Porter
Soloists: Stacey Kent-Vocals
CD/Album: The Boy Next Door
Record co./Cat #: Candid 79797
Release Year: 2003


Midnight Special
Artist Name: Pat Martino Quartet
Composer: Pat Azzara
Soloists: Pat Martino-Guitar ; Eric Alexander-Tenor Sax ; Tony Monico-Hammond B3 organ ; Jeff "Tain" Watts-Drums
CD/Album: Undeniable
Record co./Cat #: HighNote 7231
Release Year: 2011


Let's Get Lost
Artist Name: Chet Baker
Composer: Frank Loesser, Jimmy McHugh
Soloists: Chet Baker-Trumpet & Vocals ; Russ Freeman-Piano
CD/Album: My Funny Valentine
Record co./Cat #: Pacific Jazz 28262 2
Release Year: 1955


Jitterbug Waltz
Artist Name: Anat Cohen
Composer: Fats Waller
Soloists: Anat Cohen-Clarinet ; Jason Linder-Piano
CD/Album: Notes From The Village
Record co./Cat #: Anzic Records 1302
Release Year: 2008


Night Mist Blues
Artist Name: Mary Stallings
Composer: Ahmad Jamal
Soloists: Mary Stallings-Vocals ; Eric Reed-Piano
CD/Album: Don't Look Back
Record co./Cat #: HighNote 7224
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


Artist Name: The Kora Band
Composer: Andrew Oliver
Soloists: Andrew Oliver-Piano ; Kane Mathis-Kora
CD/Album: Cascades
Record co./Cat #: OA2 Records 22073
Release Year: 2010


New Cuban Express
Artist Name: Manuel Valera
Composer: Manuel Valera
Soloists: Manuel Valera-Piano
CD/Album: New Cuban Express
Record co./Cat #: Mayo Records 1104
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


Fallin' Off The Floor
Artist Name: Stanton Moore
Composer: Moore, Walton, Denson, Wood
Soloists: Stanton Moore-Drums ; Wild Magnola Mardi Gras Indians
CD/Album: Flying The Koop
Record co./Cat #: Blue Thumb Records 314 549 788-2
Release Year: 2002


Don't Stop The Music
Artist Name: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Composer: Michael Jackson, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, Tawanna Dabney
CD/Album: Twenty Dozen
Record co./Cat #: Savoy Jazz 17891
Release Year: 2012


Artist Name: Brazilian Trio
Composer: Antonio Carlos Jobim
Soloists: Helio Alves-Piano
CD/Album: Constelacao
Record co./Cat #: Motema Music 93
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


Year Of The Snake
Artist Name: Fly
Composer: Mark Turner
Soloists: Mark Turner-Tenor Sax
CD/Album: Year Of The Snake
Record co./Cat #: ECM 2235
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


Keep On Gwine
Artist Name: James Booker
Composer: Melvin Lastie
Soloists: James Booker- Piano
CD/Album: New Orleans Piano Wizard: Live!
Record co./Cat #: Rounder 2027
Release Year: 1977


Artist Name: Manuel Galban
Composer: Juan Antonio Leyva, Eric Bibb
Soloists: Manuel Galban-Guitar ; Eric Bibb-Guitar, Vocals
CD/Album: Blue Cha Cha
Record co./Cat #: Concord Picante 33646-00
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


Hot Cha
Artist Name: Jr. Walker and the All Stars
Composer: Willie Woods
Soloists: Jr. Walker-Tenor Sax
CD/Album: Shotgun
Record co./Cat #: Motown 314 530 245-2
Release Year: 1965


You Can't Win
Artist Name: James Hunter
Composer: James Hunter
Soloists: James Hunter-Vocals, Guitar
CD/Album: People Gonna Talk
Record co./Cat #: Rounder 2197-2
Release Year: 2006


Rocket Number Nine
Artist Name: Ramsey McLean & The Survivors
Composer: Sun Ra
Soloists: Charmaine Neville-Vocals, Cowbell ; Ramsey McLean-Bass
CD/Album: The New New Orleans Music: Jump Jazz
Record co./Cat #: Rounder 2065
Release Year: 1988


Happy Together
Artist Name: Dr. Michael White
Composer: Garry Bonnet, Alan Lee Gordon
Soloists: Dr. Michael White-Clarinet
CD/Album: Adventures In New Orleans Jazz, Part 2
Record co./Cat #: Basin Street Records 0506-2
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


Fire Waltz
Artist Name: Eric Dolphy
Composer: Mal Waldron
Soloists: Eric Dolphy-Alto Sax ; Booker Little-Trumpet ; Mal Waldron-Piano ; Richard Davis-Bass ; Ed Blackwell-Drums
CD/Album: The Complete Prestige Recordings
Record co./Cat #: Prestige 4418-2
Release Year: 1961


They Say It's Wonderful
Artist Name: John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman
Composer: Irving Berlin
Soloists: Johnny Hartman-Vocals ; John Coltrane-Tenor Sax
CD/Album: John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman
Record co./Cat #: Impulse! 157
Release Year: 1963


A Time For Love
Artist Name: Abbey Lincoln featuring Stan Getz
Composer: Johnny Mandel, Paul Francis Webster
Soloists: Abbey Lincoln-Vocals ; Stan Getz-Tenor Sax
CD/Album: You Gotta Pay The Band
Record co./Cat #: Verve 314 511 110-2
Release Year: 1991


Dear Lord
Artist Name: John Coltrane
Composer: John Coltrane
Soloists: John Coltrane-Tenor Sax
CD/Album: A John Coltrane Retrospective
Record co./Cat #: GRP/Impulse! 3-119
Release Year: 1965


In My Room
Artist Name: Larry Goldings
Composer: Brian Wilson, Gary L. Usher
Soloists: Larry Goldings-Piano
CD/Album: In My Room
Record co./Cat #: BFMJazz.com 302 062 406-2
Release Year: 2011
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