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Attorney General Sorrell Prepares Campaign Defense

06/22/12 12:00PM By Bob Kinzel
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AP/Toby Talbot
Attorney General Bill Sorrell.

Bill Sorrell was appointed to the position of Attorney General in 1997. Since then, he's been re-elected to the position seven times. But this year, he faces a challenger in the Democratic primary - Chittenden County State's Attorney T. J. Donovan. It's the first time he's had a primary opponent.

Sorrell outline his position on Vermont Yankee, access to the state prescription drug database, marijuana decriminalization and other issues affecting his office. And he explains why he's seeking re-election.

Also on the program, VPR's Kirk Carapezza catches us up on the issues surrounding basing the F-35s with the Vermont Air National Guard at Burlington International Airport.

Read the Air Force's Environmental Impact Statement.


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