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A Not-So-Chaste "Kiss" In Brattleboro

06/07/12 4:55PM
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Fran Bull, an exhibiting artist who lives in Brandon, raves about pianist Tanya Gabrielian.

Bull first heard Gabrielian play in New York City at a friend's post-Thanksgiving dinner, where she made a tiny, electric piano's dreams come true with her Juliard-trained rendition of pieces by Rachmoninoff.

Gabrielian performs twice--June 9th and June 11th--at the Blue Horse Inn in Woodstock.

Genell Mikkalson describes the intimate setting of the one-man play, "The Kiss," performed by Thomas Griffin in the home of Brattleboro resident Jerry Levy.

After the performance about a cleric reviewing past sins, the Acting on Impulse Theatre actor stays to talk with the audience over dessert. The next performances of "The Kiss," are June 9th, 12th and 13th.

Ross Conrad of Dancing Bee Gardens, recommends the Middlebury Art Walk, beginning Friday, June 8th. This year, a silent auction will benefit a local sculptor whose work was recently stolen while on display at the Ilsley Library.


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