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Young Writers Project: Because

06/02/12 1:00AM

Lilly Kolbenson, who is in eighth grade at Westford Middle School, says focus is the key to her writing. “For this particular piece, I had pictures of this person to keep me on track. Also, when I think of a topic that I just know I will want to write about later, I pay close attention to everything about it.”


Your eyes sparkle with blue
Sometimes I do things to get you to look back into mine
You have a warming laugh
Sometimes I do stupid things just to hear it
You tend to shove me a lot
Sometimes I tease you just so you will
You are the only one I can talk to
Sometimes I tell you everything just to talk
You can make me smile at any moment
Sometimes I try not to, so you try again
You like the subjects I like
Sometimes I over-talk about them
You help me whenever I ask
Sometimes I play dumb so you will
You get mad when I ask someone else
Sometimes I do so, so I know when you’re watching
You like messing up my hair
Sometimes I fix it so you will mess it up again
You hate how I am a quarter of an inch taller
Sometimes I bother you with it just so you wanna be
You love it when we work out together
Sometimes I push myself harder just to seem tougher
You say I have small feet
Sometimes I scoot closer just to "compare"
You say you don’t fight back ‘cause you’re lazy
Sometimes I wonder if you like when I pin you
You get mad when I mention her
Sometimes you hate admitting you like her
And when you held me by the shoulders, pulling me slightly closer, telling me I was your best friend, I knew it would never happen, but I keep dreaming because I love you.

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