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Treating And Caring For Alzheimer's Patients

05/21/12 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP/David Duprey
A section of a human brain with Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's Disease ravages the brain and presents a host of challenges for families grappling with the disease. Last week the federal government announced a new effort to prevent or treat Alzheimer's by 2025. We talk with Dr. William Pendlebury, co-director of the Memory Center at Fletcher Allen Health Care, about research, treatment and family support in our region.

Also in the program, one Vermonter's perspective on the crisis in Syria. Deborah Felmeth lives half the year in Vergennes, and half in Damascus. She's just recently returned to Vermont an shares her surprising observations from Damascus.

And VPR's Angela Evancie reports on the Vermont Institute of Contemporary Arts. The facility in Chester is part gallery, part school, and part community center.


Mentioned in this hour:

Nancy Stearns Bercaw wrote an article for the New York Times in 2011 about her family's experience with Alzheimer's. Find it here.

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