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Mother's Day, Gil Evans, Carla Bley

05/11/12 9:00PM By George Thomas

Tonight we share music in honor of Mother's Day, including gospel mother songs from Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Mahalia Jackson. We also celebrate the birthdays of two of the best big bandleaders in jazz, pianists Gil Evans and Carla Bley.



Mother's Day
Artist Name: Joel Forrester and People Like Us
Composer: Joel Forrester
Soloists: Joel Forrester-Piano ; Claire Daly-Baritone Sax
CD/Album: Ever Wonder Why
Record co./Cat #: Ride Symbol Records 1001
Release Year: 2004


God Bless The Child
Artist Name: Rene Marie
Composer: Trad.
Soloists: Rene Marie-Vocals
CD/Album: How Can I Keep From Singing?
Record co./Cat #: MaxJazz 109
Release Year: 2000


Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Artist Name: Ramsey Lewis
Composer: Trad.
Soloists: Ramsey Lewis-Piano
CD/Album: Finest Hour
Record co./Cat #: Verve 314 543 763-2
Release Year: 2000


Artist Name: Red Garland Trio
Composer: Ford, Morgan, Swanstrom
Soloists: Red Garland-Piano
CD/Album: All Kinds Of Weather
Record co./Cat #: Prestige 7148
Release Year: 1958
Note: Birthday: Red Garland 5.13.1923


Mother's Day
Artist Name: Ray Mantilla
Composer: Eduardo Manuel Martinez
Soloists: Ray Mantilla-Percussion
CD/Album: Man-Ti-Ya
Record co./Cat #: Savant 2059
Release Year: 2004


Mother Of The Dead Man
Artist Name: Carla Bley & Steve Swallow
Composer: Carla Bley
Soloists: Carla Bley-Piano ; Steve Swallow-Bass
CD/Album: Go Together
Record co./Cat #: WATT 24
Release Year: 1993
Note: Birthday: Carla Bley 5.11.1938


Step Mother
Artist Name: The Carla Bley Big Band
Composer: Carla Bley
CD/Album: Looking For America
Record co./Cat #: WATT 31
Release Year: 2003
Note: Birthday: Carla Bley 5.11.1938


My Mama Pinned A Rose On Me/Fandangle
Artist Name: Mary Lou Williams
Composer: Mary Lou Williams
Soloists: Mary Lou Williams-Piano
CD/Album: Nite Life
Record co./Cat #: Chiaroscuro Records 103
Release Year: 1971


Mother Nature's Blues
Artist Name: Sonny Rollins
Composer: Sonny Rollins
Soloists: Sonny Rollins-Tenor Sax ; Stephen Scott-Piano
CD/Album: Global Warming
Record co./Cat #: Milestone 9280-2
Release Year: 1998


Reaching For The Moon
Artist Name: Ella Fitzgerald
Composer: Irving Berlin
Soloists: Ella Fitzgerald-Vocals
CD/Album: The Irving Berlin Songbook, Volume 2
Record co./Cat #: Verve 829 535-2
Release Year: 1958
Note: Birthday: Irving Berlin 5.11.1888


Mother's Day Waltz
Artist Name: Gerry Beaudoin
Composer: Gerry Beaudoin
Soloists: Gerry Beaudoin-Guitar
CD/Album: The Return
Record co./Cat #: Francesca Records 1001
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


Please Send Me Someone To Love
Artist Name: Red Garland
Composer: Percy Mayfield
Soloists: Red Garland-Piano
CD/Album: Red Garland's Piano
Record co./Cat #: Prestige 8109-2
Release Year: 1956
Note: Birthday: Red Garland 5.13.1923


The Honeydripper / Honey Hush
Artist Name: Count Basie & Joe Turner
Composer: Joe Liggins / Lou Willie Turner
Soloists: Joe Turner-Vocals ; Count Basie-Piano ; Irving Ashby-Guitar
CD/Album: The Bosses
Record co./Cat #: Pablo 2310-709
Release Year: 1973
Note: My Mother's Favorite Record


Reactionary Tango
Artist Name: Carla Bley
Composer: Carla Bley
Soloists: Carla Bley-Piano
CD/Album: Social Studies
Record co./Cat #: WATT 11
Release Year: 1981
Note: Birthday: Carla Bley 5.11.1938


Up From The Skies
Artist Name: Gil Evans & The Monday Night Orchestra
Composer: Jimi Hendrix
Soloists: Gil Evans-Piano
CD/Album: Live At Sweet Basil
Record co./Cat #: Evidence 22026-2
Release Year: 1984
Note: Birthday: Gil Evans 5.13.1912


The Bartender's Just Like A Mother
Artist Name: Slim Gaillard
Composer: Lee Ricks. Alan Clarke, Otis Spencer
Soloists: Dodo Mamarosa-Piano ; Slim Gaillard-Vocals, Guitar
CD/Album: Laughing In Rhythm
Record co./Cat #: Verve 314 521 051-2
Release Year: 1947


Mama Roux
Artist Name: Henry Butler
Composer: Henry Butler, Martin Kibbee
Soloists: Henry Butler-Piano
CD/Album: Treme Season 2
Record co./Cat #: Rounder/HBO 9130-2
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


My Mother Died And Left Me
Artist Name: Fred McDowell, James Shorty
Composer: James Shorty
Soloists: James Shorty-Vocals ; Fred McDowell-Guitar
CD/Album: Southern Journey Vol 6: Don'tcha Know The Road
Record co./Cat #: Rounder 1706
Release Year: 1959


If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again
Artist Name: Mahalia Jackson
Composer: J.W. Vaughan, J. Rowe
Soloists: Mahalia Jackson-Vocals
CD/Album: Gospels, Spiruals, & Hymns
Record co./Cat #: Columbia/Legacy 65594
Release Year: 1969


Little Wing
Artist Name: Gil Evans & The Monday Night Orchestra
Composer: Jimi Hendrix
CD/Album: Farewell
Record co./Cat #: Evidence 22031-2
Release Year: 1986
Note: Birthday: Gil Evans 5.13.1912


Sleep On Darling Mother / I Heard My Mother Call My Name
Artist Name: Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Composer: Trad. / Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Soloists: Sister Rosetta Tharpe-Vocals, Guitar
CD/Album: The Original Soul Sister
Record co./Cat #: Proper Box 51
Release Year: 1943


Groove From The Louvre
Artist Name: Gil Evans & The Monday Night Orchestra
Composer: Gil Evans
CD/Album: Bud & Bird
Record co./Cat #: Evidence 22003-2
Release Year: 1986
Note: Birthday: Gil Evans 5.13.1912


All The Things You Could be By Now If Sigmund Freud's Wife Was Your Mother
Artist Name: Charles Mingus
Composer: Charles Mingus
Soloists: Charles Mingus-Bass ; Ted Curson-Trumpet ; Eric Dolphy-Alto Sax
CD/Album: The Complete Candid Recordings Of Charles Mingus
Record co./Cat #: Mosiac 3-111
Release Year: 1960


Artist Name: Steve Kuhn Trio
Composer: Dori Caymmi
Soloists: Steve Kuhn-Piano ; Steve Swallow-Bass ; Jjoey Baron-Drums
CD/Album: Wisteria
Record co./Cat #: ECM 2257
Release Year: 2012
Note: New
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