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Legislative Leaders Assess Session

05/10/12 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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AP/Toby Talbot
Bills are lined up awaiting debate on the House floor in the final days of the recent legislative session.

The recently completed session of the Vermont Legislature opened with concerns of rebuilding after Tropical Storm Irene. It ended Saturday with general agreement on the budget and redistricting. But there was plenty of turbulence during the debates over immunization exemptions, taxing the cloud and GMO labeling.

House Speaker Shap Smith takes this opportunity to look back on what passed and what failed and why during the recent session. And he'll provide insight into the challenges of leading the House. In the second half of the program, Republican House Minority Leader Don Turner of Milton will discuss his party's take on how the Legislature fared.

And we reach into our mailbag and read some of your comments.


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