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Young Writers Project: A Requiem For Titanic

05/14/12 1:00AM
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Evan Wing, of Milton, is a senior at Rice Memorial High School. I started writing poetry in the third grade, moved on to short tories and essays, and wrote my first book during the summer before my freshman year,” he says. Evan’s book, A Bird in the Sky, was published in December 2010. He is 17.

A Requiem for Titanic

She, once built in the light
Of the grey Belfast sky,
Now rests in the dark,
A dream come to die.

She once carried gentlemen,
Ladies, cardsharps, and priests,
Lawyers, celebrities,
Investors, and thieves.

She now rests deserted,
But visited by
The spirits of memories
Who refuse to die.

She's a shadow now
Of what she had been,
Grave for the innocent,
Tomb for true men.

But true ships never sink
And a true ship is she,
She now sails through longing thoughts
And quiet reverie.

A maze of the bones
Of the ambition of men:
Titanic immortal,
The sea's queenly denizen.


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