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Mary Lou Williams, Keith Jarrett

05/07/12 9:00PM By George Thomas

We're celebrating a day early the birthdays of pianist & composer Mary Lou Williams, widely regarded as the foremost woman in jazz and pianist, composer & band leader Keith Jarrett, famous for long, freely improvised lines and melodies on the piano. More from both artists tomorrow.



What's Your Story Morning Glory?
Artist Name: Mary Lou Williams
Composer: Mary Lou Williams
Soloists: Mary Lou Williams-Piano
CD/Album: Nite Life
Record co./Cat #: Chiaroscuro Records 103
Release Year: 1971
Note: Birthday: Mary Lou Williams 5.8.1910


D's Blues
Artist Name: Bobby Broom
Composer: Bobby Broom
Soloists: Bobby Broom-Guitar
CD/Album: Upper West Side Story
Record co./Cat #: Origin Records 82617
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


Bye Bye Blackbird
Artist Name: Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Paul Motian
Composer: Ray Henderson
Soloists: Keith Jarrett-Piano
CD/Album: At The Deer Head Inn
Record co./Cat #: ECM 1531
Release Year: 1994
Note: Birthday: Keith Jarrett 5.8.1945


Canadian Sunset
Artist Name: Big Joe Burrell
Composer: Eddie Haywood
Soloists: Big Joe Burrell-Tenor Sax ; James Harvey-Piano ; John Rivers-Bass ; Gabe Jarrett-Drums
CD/Album: I'm A Lucky So And So...
Record co./Cat #: BJB 103
Release Year: 2005


I'm In The Mood For Love
Artist Name: Catherine Russell
Composer: Dorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh
Soloists: Catherine Russell-Vocals
CD/Album: Strictly Romancin'
Record co./Cat #: World Village 468101
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)
Artist Name: Stan Getz, Kenny Barron
Composer: Brooks Bowman
Soloists: Stan Getz-Tenor Sax ; Kenny Barron-Piano
CD/Album: People Time
Record co./Cat #: Verve 314 510 823-2
Release Year: 1992


One Morning In May
Artist Name: Dave McKenna
Composer: Hoagy Carmichael, Mitchell Parish
Soloists: Dave McKenna-Piano
CD/Album: A Celebration Of Hoagy Carmichael
Record co./Cat #: Concord Jazz 4227
Release Year: 1983


Just A Little While To Stay Here
Artist Name: Tom McDermott & Connie Jones
Composer: Trad.
Soloists: Connie Jones-Cornet ; Tom McDermott-Piano
CD/Album: Creole Nocturne
Record co./Cat #: Arbors Jazz Records 19366
Release Year: 2008


I Concentrate On You
Artist Name: Shawnn Monteire
Composer: Cole Porter
Soloists: Shawnn Monteire-Vocals
CD/Album: To Carmen With Love
Record co./Cat #: Whaling City Sound 057
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


Forest Flower-Sunrise, Forest Flower-Sunset
Artist Name: Charles Lloyd
Composer: Charles Lloyd
Soloists: Charles Lloyd-Tenor Sax ; Keith Jarrett-Piano
CD/Album: Forest Flower/Soundtrack
Record co./Cat #: Rhino/Atlantic 71746
Release Year: 1966
Note: Birthday: Keith Jarrett 5.8.1945


Prisoner Of Love
Artist Name: Marianne Solivan
Composer: Leo Robin, Clarence Gaskill, Russ Columbo
Soloists: Marianne Solivan-Vocals ; Xavier Davis-Piano
CD/Album: Prisoner Of Love
Record co./Cat #: Hipnotic Records 10007
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


Stella By Starlight
Artist Name: Eddie Gomez
Composer: Ned Washington, Victor Young
Soloists: Eddie Gomez-Bass
CD/Album: Per Sempre
Record co./Cat #: BFMJazz.com 302 062 414 2
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


Very Early
Artist Name: Alan Pasqua
Composer: Bill Evans
Soloists: Alan Pasqua-Pianos
CD/Album: Twin Bill
Record co./Cat #: BFMJazz.com 302 062 411-2
Release Year: 2011
Note: New


They Say It's Wonderful
Artist Name: Sonny Rollins
Composer: Irving Berlin
Soloists: Sonny Rollins-Tenor Sax
CD/Album: Road Shows, Vol. 2
Record co./Cat #: Doxy/EmArcy/Decca B0015949-02
Release Year: 2011
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