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Sequoia Salasin-Burns's Poem "Maybe"

05/04/12 1:00AM

Sequoia Salasin-Burns, a seventh-grade student at Brattleboro Area Middle School, says she has been writing poetry for many years. “Just recently I decided that I wanted to contribute to opening people's eyes about pollution, and global warming,” she says. “I wrote this poem to try to get people to realize that if we keep treating the world the way we do, it is most likely going to become a terrible place to live.”


Sitting here,
Wrapped up in our selfish lives,
Never thinking of others
Or of the world we live in.
Open your eyes
And look around.
See what’s really going on,
What we are doing to this planet.
It is a mystery
In the heads
Of the people we live with
All over the world.
We are slowly
Killing the world,
And in doing so,
We are slowly
Killing ourselves.
When we should be
Trying to save
The world from ourselves,
We are making it worse.
Nowhere close to better.
No thoughts for future generations.
No thoughts for the other animals on this planet,
Who are doing no harm to the planet
But will be brought down with us,
When we murder the Earth.
If we could only see
What we are doing,
And try to turn around,
Try to stop the destruction,
And save the future
From ourselves.
But we don’t.
And we won’t.
Unless we come to our senses,
And create a better planet.


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