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Vermont Reads 2012: "Bull Run"

05/15/12 7:50AM

Photo: George Houghton, courtesy Vermont Historical Society
A group of 4th Vermont Band.
VPR continues its collaboration with the Vermont Humanities Council to support its one-book state-wide, community reading program: Vermont Reads. For 2012, the Council has selected "Bull Run" by Paul Fleischman, with an alternate choice of Stephen Crane's classic novel, "The Red Badge of Courage."

"Bull Run" takes the reader through the days leading up to the Battle of Bull Run, the first battle of the bloodiest conflict in American history - the Civil War. Fleischman tells the story from the perspective of 16 narrators.

Listen during Morning Edition from May 15-18th for interviews with Civil War historians, excerpts from the book and an interview with Paul Fleischman. On May 17th Vermont Edition will also join the discussion.



Visit the main page for Vermont Reads 2012 "Bull Run."


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