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VIDEO: Professor Pundits

08/09/12 12:00PM

Professor Pundits: Victory... for political scientists


It's all about the data. Wrapping up their year-long series of commentaries about the presidential election, Middlebury's Professor Pundits Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson note that scientific forecasting models really do work to predict election results. Hear what the pundits have to say in their final commentary on the 2012 election.


Professor Pundits: The Expectations Game

What could happen in the last few days to significantly change the trajectory of the race? Well, historically, not much. But then again, the unexpected doesn’t usually give much notice. Middlebury's Professor Pundits Bert Johnson and Matt Dickinson fill us in on expectations, the electoral college, and what to look for on election night in their final pre-election installment. 

Learn more about our Professor Pundits here.


Professor Pundits: Things That Go Bump... Or Not


Professor Pundits: What Do You Get for $400 Million?

In their latest video commentary, Middlebury political science professors Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson look at the Obama campaign's massive spending - $400 million to date - mostly in battleground states. But despite the big spending, polls show a statistical dead heat between the two candidates. 

Professor Pundits: Health Care Ruling: Campaign Friend or Foe?

Despite Mitt Romney's surge in fundraising immediately after the Supreme Court's healthcare ruling, President Obama and Mitt Romney seem to be keeping their distance from the topic. But as our professor pundits Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson point out, that does not mean the ruling won't be important in this fall's elections, though maybe not for the reasons you think.

Professor Pundits: Watching Wisconsin


In their latest online video, originally produced for MiddMag.com, professors Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson dissect the national and local implications of Wisconsin's recall election:


Professor Pundits: Base Hit (5/21/2012)

 Dickinson and Johnson discuss fundraising trends in the presidential campaign and consider the potential impact of President Obama's declaration in support for same-sex marriage on the race.

Professor Pundits: And The Winner Is... (5/1/2012)

The first in our series of videos from the Professor Pundits.

About "Professor Pundits"

Illustration by Tim Newcomb

VPR.net is partnering with Middlebury College to feature online political commentary leading up to the 2012 presidential election.

In a series of online videos, Middlebury professors Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson will offer their reactions and analysis to the latest twists and turns on the campaign trail.


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