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The Civil War Story Of Vermont's Sleeping Sentinel

04/13/12 12:00PM By Bob Kinzel
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Courtesy of Vermont Historical Society
Private William Scott of Groton, Vermont.

In the early 1860s, Private William Scott of Groton was a member of Company K of the Third Vermont Infantry. He found himself on the Civil War battlefields in Virginia. Serving on picket duty for the second night in succession (having voluntarily taken the place of a sick soldier), Private Scott fell asleep on his post. He was tried by court martial for his crime, was found guilty and sentenced to be shot. What followed was one of the most intriguing tales of the Civil War.

Civil War historian Howard Coffin relates the story of the Sleeping Sentinel and what was happening for Vermont's soldiers in the spring of 1862.He also discusses the Battle of Lee's Mill.

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Also on the program, VPR's John Dillon provides updates on the bills moving through the Vermont Legislature, the condenser leak at the Vermont Yankee plant and the proposed CVPS/Green Mountain Power merger.

Plus we listen back to the voices in the news this week.


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