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Quebec Students On The March

04/02/12 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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As many as 200,000 Quebec students have marched in protest through the streets of Montreal.


For the last two months, students have been voicing their displeasure over a hike in college tuition fees in Quebec. In Montreal, one recent protest alone brought out 200,000 people and stretched for 30 city blocks. An estimated 300,000 students have also gone on strike and stopped attending classes.

CBC Reporter Steve Rukavina and Joël Pedneault, vice-president of external affairs for the Students' Society of McGill University, explain what has been going on across the province and what it might to take to end the students' boycott of classes.

Also in the program, a new report shows widespread housing discrimination in Vermont's rental market. We talk with Rachel Batterson, Project Manager of Vermont Legal Aid's Housing Discrimination Law Project, who directed the study, conducted between 2009 and 2011. It found that rental housing providers gave preferential treatment to white renters 38 percent of the time; preferred white, American-born renters 40 percent of the time; preferred applicants with no children 36 percent of the time; and showed preferential treatment towards renters without disabilities 27 percent of the time.



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