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Born into this world

04/02/12 5:00AM

Frida Rosner, who is in fifth grade at Marlboro Elementary School, says she was inspired to write this poem by a painting she made of a girl and a feather. "I erased the girl's face too many times and she ended up all wrinkly," Frida says. "It gave me the idea that her face could relate to the feather."


Born into this world,

everyone has a pure, white feather

resting upon their heart,

a golden sun above them

and an eagle spirit hovering nearby.

But there's always a black puddle of worry

lying at their feet.

Somehow the darkness lures all.

Keep your feathers clean

Keep the sun shining above you.

Save your guardian eagle.

Then you will learn to turn your back

on that puddle of worry.

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