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Not So Fast There, Gardeners

03/26/12 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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VPR/Patti Daniels
Trees budding outside the VPR studios in Colchester, March 2012.

Our region was saturated with sunshine and hot days recently, causing green shoots to burst up from the soil. But it’s only March, and as cool weather returns gardeners are speculating whether snow will fall again before spring is over. We learn how to help the plants and flowers that are already blooming in your garden get through the unpredictable weather that's still to come. Our guests are Leonard Perry, extension professor at the University of Vermont, and University of New Hampshire Master Gardener Henry Homeyer.

Also in the program, we kick off a four-part series, "The Generation Gap." Fran Stoddard reports on demographic trends among Vermonters ages 20 to 34, including why they continue to leave the state, and low birth rates in this age group. Over the next four days, we’ll delve into how this trend affects the economic and cultural well-being of the state.

And, musical benches are popping up in parks and public spaces around Brattleboro. Susan Keese reports on the two artists who are behind the project.


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