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Spring, Marian McPartland, Christian Pamerleau

03/20/12 9:00PM By George Thomas

We celebrate the first day of Spring, which, this year, feels like mid-Summer - confusing at best. We also celebrate the birthday of pianist & composer Marian McPartland, and Montreal drummer Christian Pamerleau of the group Vue d' Ensemble.



They Say It's Spring
Artist Name: Blossom Dearie
Composer: Bob Haymes, Dick Haymes, Marty Clark
Soloists: Blossom Dearie-Piano, Vocals ; Herb Ellis-Guitar ; Ray Brown-Bass ; Jo Jones-Drums
CD/Album: Blossom Dearie
Record co./Cat #: Verve 837 934-2
Release Year: 1956


Joy Spring
Artist Name: Clifford Brown-Max Roach Quintet
Composer: Clifford Brown
Soloists: Clifford Brown-Trumpet ; Max Roach-Drums ; Harold Land-Tenor Sax
CD/Album: Brownie - The Complete EmArcy Recordings Of
Record co./Cat #: EmArcy 838 306-2
Release Year: 1954


Artist Name: Nicole Henry
Composer: Gershwin-Gershwin-Heyward
Soloists: Nicole Henry-Vocals ; Mike Orta-Piano
CD/Album: The Nearness Of You
Record co./Cat #: Banister Records 2798
Release Year: 2004


Spring Song
Artist Name: D.D. Jackson
Composer: D.D. Jackson
Soloists: D.D. Jackson-Piano
CD/Album: Anthem
Record co./Cat #: RCAVictor 63606-2
Release Year: 2000


Twilight World
Artist Name: Marian McPartland
Composer: Marian McPartland
Soloists: Marian McPartland-Piano
CD/Album: Twilight World
Record co./Cat #: Concord Jazz 30528
Release Year: 2008
Note: Birthday: Marian McPartland 3.20.1920


Artist Name: Chano Dominguez
Composer: Miles Davis
Soloists: Chano Dominguez-Piano ; Mario Rossy-Bass
CD/Album: Flamenco Sketches
Record co./Cat #: Blue Note Records 79453 2
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


Oh, What A Night
Artist Name: Lester Bowie & Brass Fantasy
Composer: Marvin Junior, Johnny Funches
Soloists: Lester Bowie-Trumpet ; Frank Lacy-Trombone ; Vincent Chancey-French Horn
CD/Album: Avant Pop
Record co./Cat #: ECM 829 563-2
Release Year: 1986


Artist Name: Brad Mehldau Trio
Composer: Brad Mehldau
Soloists: Brad Mehldau-Piano ; Larry Grenadier-Bass ; Jeff Ballard-Drums
CD/Album: Ode
Record co./Cat #: Nonesuch 529689-2
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


After You
Artist Name: Marianne Solivan
Composer: Cole Porter
Soloists: Marianne Solivan-Vocals ; Michael Kanan-Piano
CD/Album: Prisoner Of Love
Record co./Cat #: Hipnotic Records 10007
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


Bluesin' In Alphabet City
Artist Name: Christian McBride Big Band
Composer: Christian McBride
Soloists: Christian McBride-Bass ; Ron Blake-Tenor Sax ; Steve Davis-Trombone ; Nicholas Payton-Trumpet
CD/Album: The Good Feeling
Record co./Cat #: Mack Avenue 1053
Release Year: 2011
Note: New


Everyday Learning
Artist Name: Vue d' Ensemble
Composer: Christian Pamerleau
Soloists: Christian Pamerleau-Drums ; Pierre Cote-Guitars ; Guy Boisvert-Bass ; Mario Fraser-Fender Rhodes
CD/Album: Everyday Learning
Record co./Cat #: http://christianpamerleau.com
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


Thanks, But I Don't Dance
Artist Name: Rene Marie
Composer: Rene Marie
Soloists: Rene Marie-Vocals ; Kevin Bales-Piano
CD/Album: Black Lace Freudian Slip
Record co./Cat #: Motema Music 74
Release Year: 2011
Note: New


Artist Name: Wallace Roney
Composer: Wallace Roney
Soloists: Wallace Roney-Trumpet ; Aruan Ortiz-Keyboards
CD/Album: Home
Record co./Cat #: HighNote 7218
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


Selena's Song
Artist Name: Wayne Escoffery
Composer: Wayne Escoffery
Soloists: Wayne Escoffery-Tenor Sax ; Orrin Evans-Fender Rhodes
CD/Album: The Only Son Of One
Record co./Cat #: Sunnyside 1320
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


I'm In The Mood For Swing
Artist Name: Marian McPartland
Composer: Benny Carter
Soloists: Marian McPartland-Piano ; Benny Carter-Alto Sax
CD/Album: Plays The Benny Carter Songbook
Record co./Cat #: Concord Jazz 4412
Release Year: 1990
Note: Birthday: Marian McPartland 3.20.1920


The Secret Life Of Plants
Artist Name: Gregoire Maret
Composer: Stevie Wonder
Soloists: Gregoire Maret-Harmonica
CD/Album: Gregoire Maret
Record co./Cat #: Eone Music 2413
Release Year: 2012
Note: New


A Fine Spring Morning
Artist Name: Blossom Dearie
Composer: Haymes
Soloists: Blossom Dearie-Piano, Vocals
CD/Album: Blossom Dearie
Record co./Cat #: Verve 837 934-2
Release Year: 1956
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