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Life in a Dream

03/19/12 5:00AM

Taylor Carlson, of Newbury, Vermont, is a junior at Oxbow High School. "Writing has always been a part of who I am," she says. "For this piece, I truly was just in the moment, writing what I felt."


The innocent child

Lays down in his bed,

With his sweet little face

And his small sleepy head. 


As his eyes close

And his brain starts to sleep,

His imagination, it awakens

And it starts to creep. 


It floats on a cloud

Filled with wonder and hope,

And it lands in a place,

On the edge of a slope.


When his dream begins,

It's unsure where to go,

So it holds on tight

And goes with the flow.


The little boy's dream

Goes to magical places.

It shows him the wonders

Of all of life's graces. 


Because of his dream,

The innocent little boy

Holds a true understanding

Of life and its joy.


arts education
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